Have the mortar-joints on your property disappeared? Do they disintegrate into pure sand texture with just a finger rub? Are there continuous cracks?

Contributing factors to deterioration usually include:

  • Exposure to constant external moisture
  • Poor workmanship (mortar mix defects)
  • Age
  • Earth movement (minor)

Repointing is a four-stage process that replaces old – sometimes defective – mortar with new; & it doesn’t require rebuilding! Repointing reseals your masonry from the Australian weather, rejuvenates the aesthetic appeal, can in some cases improve structural integrity.

  • Stage 1: We remove the old-mortar (usually 15-20mm depth; in severe cases more) using safe equipment.
  • Stage 2: Using our specialised experience, we are able to colour-match your new mortar with the old (existing). Then we utilise powered injection guns to ensure consistent full depth recovery at speed without compromising on workmanship quality.
  • Stage 3: We then neatly match the joint-finish of the original mortar (flush, rolled, struck or raked).
  • Stage 4: Finally, by hand we brick-clean (acid-wash) using an environmentally responsible acid alternative (GuardIt Green Acid)

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