Hand Brick-Cleaning (Acid-Wash)

We also specialise in acid-washing by hand using a safe & environmentally responsible alternative (GuardIt Green Acid) to hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid.
We love this product (& you will too!) for these practical benefits:

  • Organic & natural product; greatly reduced environmental impact
  • Garden-friendly; will not kill your plants or grass!
  • Non-fuming; will not cause nearby pets or wildlife breathing discomfort
  • Non-corrosive; safe when in contact or close proximity with delicate materials
  • Touch-safe; no chemical burns, unlike any other acid known for brick-cleaning

The reasons we choose to acid-wash by hand are:

  • No risk of mortar joint “blow-outs”; thanks to the low-pressure natural of brushing compared to high-PSI spray systems
  • More control of overall quality
  • Can wash brickwork in a shorter timeframe after completition; again thanks to the low-pressure nature
  • Safer to apply

Even if you aren’t currently our client for brickwork but require this service, feel free to contact us today.