“The brick repair work done by Tristan was better than the best I dared to hope for. I asked him to remove the two layers of paint on the front of my 1930s house, which has clinker bricks on the façade and red bricks down the side and in the porch. There was a lot of house movement, some bricks were dislodged, and mortar was falling out. Tristan took on the restoration job, repaired a badly cracked rendered section, re-mortared the entire area, bricked up a void where the electrical box used to be and did further small repairs. We had a lot of discussion about mortar colours and his choices were perfect. I reckon he went to brickie university and majored in mortar. Nothing was rushed, as he allowed time to do everything properly. Also such a nice guy and a good communicator, explaining everything as the work progressed. The price was reasonable; the improvement has added five times that amount to the value of my home and restored its dignity. I can’t imagine a better job being done. Straight away I’ve booked Tristan for another small job when he is next available. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tristan’s work.”

Jacqui / Hawthorn

Accurately matching materials – especially mortar colour – is paramount to a beautiful restoration that increases property value multiple times the outlay.

Restorations often entail a case-by-case combination of remedial procedures such as:

Here is a list of just some brickwork restoration projects that require a specialist:

  • Facade Restoration
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Lime Mortar Restoration