Repointing is a process mainly used to restore and reseal less severe cracks in mortar joints. It is also a great way to revitalise and add significant value to any masonry structure. Especially as Brick Repairs are heavily specialised in accurately colour-matching mortar to existing. To explain how we do it differently, it can be broken down into a four-stage process to replace deteriorated or defective mortar with new mortar.

Stage 1:

Using specialised equipment and safe methods, we remove the existing mortar to the required depth.

Stage 2:

Drawing on experience, Brick Repairs source and mix materials to match the existing mortar colour with exceptional accuracy. Then utilise powered mortar injection guns to ensure consistent full depth joint recovery with efficiency but without any compromise in workmanship or integrity.

Stage 3:

We then neatly tool-finish to match the existing/surrounding mortar (flush, rolled, struck or raked).

Stage 4:

Finally, once sufficiently cured, we clean (acid-wash) the excess mortar by hand using an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional hydrochloric acid. Permits may be required for Heritage listed properties.