Repointing brickwork is a fundamental remedial procedure, especially in the context of aesthetic restoration.

With Brick Repairs specialisation in accurately matching mortar colour, you can choose to enjoy the fresh aesthetics of your revitalised brickwork and/or you can maximise investment on property value.

To explain how Brick Repairs do it differently beyond just accurately matching mortar colour, it can be broken down into a four-stage process;

Stage 1:

Using specialised equipment and safe methods, we remove the existing mortar to the required depth.

Stage 2:

Drawing on experience, Brick Repairs source and mix materials to match the existing mortar colour with exceptional accuracy. Then powered mortar injection guns are utilised to ensure full depth recovery of mortar joints (this is usually where manual methods fail, especially on joints deeper than 20mm) with efficiency, without any compromise in workmanship integrity.

Stage 3:

Then the mortar joints are cut flush and neatly tool-finish to match the existing/surrounding mortar (flush, concave, struck or recessed).

Stage 4:

Finally, once sufficiently cured, we clean (acid-wash) the excess mortar from the brickwork by hand using an environmentally responsible product.

The service provided by Tristan from Brick Repairswas outstanding and professional, he did a wonderful job. I would be happy to recommend Tristan and Brick Repairs to anyone. A+ communication and workmanship from start to finish. Thanks for your hard work Tristan.
Thanks again!

Deb and Dan / Repointing in Mentone