Brick-cleaning is the process of removing excess mortar from recently constructed or repointed face brickwork to achieve the ‘finished look’ you’re used to. Rendered, bagged or non-face brickwork usually doesn’t require acid-washing.

In nearly every case, pressure-washing brickwork weakens the surface of the mortar which is the cause of “blow-outs” & blur of mortar-joint definition. Resulting in a rough ‘bubbling’ & quickly deteriorating appearance. Examine almost every new build & you’ll see for yourself. The reason Builders generally preference pressure-washing is for time efficiency as it will generally be 3-15 times faster (depending how much the mortar has cured, type of brick, access, etc…). However this undisputedly comes at an immediate cost to quality & longevity of the mortar appearance. Not only that, pressure-cleaners use hydrochloric-acid as a brick-cleaning agent. Hydrochloric-acid is a physically harmful, highly corrosive, toxic-fuming, plant-killing & environmentally harmful product. So it’s suitable on an un-landscaped new building site with temporary down-pipes or brand new aluminium-frame windows. Though it’s definitely not suitable for established properties with garden landscapes under brickwork, aged building components, non-galvanised steel, outdoor blinds, pets, children, neighbours… You can understand why…

As a smarter solution, Brick Repairs utilise an environmentally-friendly, garden-friendly, non-fuming (safer for internal brickwork), non-corrosive & touch-safe alternative to hydrochloric-acid called G.A.R (Green Acid Replacement) created by a Melbourne based manufacturer named GuardIT®. Full disclosure, they do not pay us to tell you we use their product.

We also perform the brick-cleaning process completely by hand. Ditching the pressure-washing Gerni for soft brushes & steel brushes.

Brick-cleaning by hand using this product this way, we do everything we can to avoid any property damage, physical harm, environmental harm & guarantee the best brick-cleaning results for our clients!