Our passion, creativity, expert knowledge, high standards of quality and commitment to communication throughout planning to execution to the finishing touches will make the entire process a straight-forward experience for you. Brick Repairs would love to help you make your unique vision a beautiful brick and mortar reality! Permits will be required for Heritage listed properties.

We can help you with:

  • Door and Window Alterations (In-Fill Brickwork and Brick Sills)
  • Unique Brick Front Fences
  • Unique Brick Letterboxes
  • Front Fence and Letterbox Restorations and Repairs
  • Brick Pool and Garden Walls
  • Facade Restorations and Renovations
  • Heritage Renovations & Restorations
  • Residential (i.e. Home) Brickwork Renovations
  • Commercial (i.e. School, Restaurant or Office) Brickwork Renovations