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Very prompt response to advertisement. Quote was very reasonable and the job was completed exactly to requirements. Communication was excellent throughout the whole process. I will definitely use their services again and highly recommend them.

Anne Front Fence Make-Safe & Repointing in Caulfield

I am the Rental Property Manager at Fletcher’s Real Estate (Eastern Suburbs).

I engaged Tristan to complete brick repairs at my own property as upon meeting him, I felt incredibly comfortable with his character, he also showed me some clear examples of similar works he had undertaken so I knew he was equipped with the right skills for the work required. The quoted price was very reasonable, the workmanship he produced is of a high standard, he seamlessly matched the 1973 mortar and I’m incredibly pleased with the end result. Tristan’s communication is outstanding, he made regular contact and kept me up to date at all times. The job was completed quickly, efficiently and he cleaned up so perfectly that I couldn’t even tell he’d been there! Tristan is a true professional, he is so evidently genuine and he’s just a really nice person with exceptional manners, he’s not a typical ‘tradie’. The world needs more people like him! Thanks Tristan!

Julia Air Con Hole In-Fills in Templestowe

Our Services


Has your property been struck by a vehicle or collapsed due to other factors? Has it deteriorated to the point of no return?

Usually rebuilding is necessary when structural integrity has been compromised. If the masonry were a vehicle, it be considered “written-off”. Contributing factors may include:

  • Vehicle collision damage
  • Fallen tree damage
  • Sunken or lifted concrete foundations (usually due to earth movement or tree roots)
  • Poor workmanship

Whether it’s a single pier or half a double-story house; we’ve repaired it before & we can help. Our experienced team will rebuild to pre-existing specifications plus update to current National Construction Code 2019 standards. Contact us today to arrange a FREE assessment.


Have the mortar-joints on your property disappeared? Do they disintegrate into pure sand texture with just a finger rub? Are there continuous cracks?

Contributing factors to deterioration usually include:

  • Exposure to constant external moisture
  • Poor workmanship (mortar mix defects)
  • Age
  • Earth movement (minor)

Repointing is a four-stage process that replaces old – sometimes defective – mortar with new; & it doesn’t require rebuilding! Repointing reseals your masonry from the Australian weather, rejuvenates the aesthetic appeal, can in some cases improve structural integrity.

  • Stage 1: We remove the old-mortar (usually 15-20mm depth; in severe cases more) using safe equipment.
  • Stage 2: Using our specialised experience, we are able to colour-match your new mortar with the old (existing). Then we utilise powered injection guns to ensure consistent full depth recovery at speed without compromising on workmanship quality.
  • Stage 3: We then neatly match the joint-finish of the original mortar (flush, rolled, struck or raked).
  • Stage 4: Finally, by hand we brick-clean (acid-wash) using an environmentally responsible acid alternative (GuardIt Green Acid)

Contact us today to arrange a FREE assessment.


Are you removing an air-con, door or window? Re-sizing a window or door? Need it “bricked-up”?

Be warned that poor workmanship with in-fills will not only be an eyesore but more importantly will devalue your property. This can be avoided!

We take pride in every project; no matter how big or small. You will receive our full attention to every detail to ensure your in-fill is as seamless as possible.

Contact us today to arrange a FREE assessment.

Piers & Front Fences

Thinking about a feature brick front fence? Piers for your facade?

We’d love to hear your vision & help you make it a unique & beautiful brick & mortar reality! Our passion, knowledge, quality workmanship & commitment to thorough communication will make the entire process an easy experience for you.

Contact us today to arrange a FREE assessment.

Hand Brick-Cleaning (Acid-Wash)

We also specialise in acid-washing by hand using a safe & environmentally responsible alternative (GuardIt Green Acid) to hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid.
We love this product (& you will too!) for these practical benefits:

  • Organic & natural product; greatly reduced environmental impact
  • Garden-friendly; will not kill your plants or grass!
  • Non-fuming; will not cause nearby pets or wildlife breathing discomfort
  • Non-corrosive; safe when in contact or close proximity with delicate materials
  • Touch-safe; no chemical burns, unlike any other acid known for brick-cleaning

The reasons we choose to acid-wash by hand are:

  • No risk of mortar joint “blow-outs”; thanks to the low-pressure natural of brushing compared to high-PSI spray systems
  • More control of overall quality
  • Can wash brickwork in a shorter timeframe after completition; again thanks to the low-pressure nature
  • Safer to apply

Even if you aren’t currently our client for brickwork but require this service, feel free to contact us today.

Our Difference

In case our name didn’t give it away, we are proudly dedicated bricklaying professionals in the field of masonry repair & restoration operating all-across Melbourne, Victoria.

Unlike a typical bricklayer;

  • Our tool & equipment set
  • Our experience
  • Our knowledge
  • Our passion
  • Even our business model


This means that when you hire just any other bricklayer, you are taking a chance. With us;

  • We’ve done it all before
  • We actually take great care
  • We have very specific experience pertaining to REPAIR & RESTORATION
  • We know how to do it safely
  • We know how to match mortar colour
  • We clean-up after ourselves
  • We are always contactable & accountable
  • We are fully insured

Sadly, the reality is that a vast majority of bricklayers in Melbourne only build volume housing as contractors for big builders (you know the ones…) or their crews are too big to be able to service any ‘small’ project under $10,000.

This is where we shine! But please don’t just take our word for it, read our ratings (5/5 on Home Improvement Pages) & testimonials from some of our happy clients.

Our Philosophy

We wear our hearts on our sleeves with every project & I believe that it shows.

Tristan, Business Founder & Owner of Brick Repairs

Work With Us

We are currently on the look-out for likeminded PROFESSIONAL & PASSIONATE bricklayers to join our team.

If you or someone close you know fits this description then write to us at contact@brickrepairs.com.au